Leftover Currency

Add your unwanted copins & notes to your online wallet, send in your cash, and get paid!

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Add your unwanted coins & notes to your online wallet, send in your cash, and get paid!

Leftover Currency approached the Smoof team looking to improve the look, feel, and functionality of their website. They buy leftover currency, withdrawn notes and foreign coins and exchange them for cash - it’s a unique service, as they’re the only one stop shop for swapping obsolete currencies such as French Francs and Greek Drachmas. Their old website was dated and difficult to navigate, so we upgraded them to a modern design that was much easier to use.

We also brought the service they offer right up to date - previously, users would have to count up their coins, then print off a form and fill it in by hand. The new Leftover Currency site allows individuals to add browse the site and add coins and notes to their online wallet - they can then submit this online, post their coins, and track the status of their exchange online. It’s essentially a backwards shop, but instead of customers buying items and parting with their hard-earned cash, they end up making money!

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