Written by tkstarley


Why I Love My Mac

my mac Why I Love My Mac

I’m going to try and explain briefly why I think a Mac is the graphic designer’s computer of choice. I’ve always been an avid PC user and I’ve always avoided Macs, but I’m now a complete convert.

This is more my personal perspective than fact but here goes!

They’re pretty – you may think this reason is typical of a graphic designer but there’s slightly more to it than that; here’s my analogy: I work from home and I find it impossible to design in a messy environment. For example, if my desk is messy or if our open plan apartment is generally untidy, this same logic applies to my computer. So many computers I’ve used in the past have lacked in style or have had a messy, cheap feel to them. It becomes harder to design if the environment your designing within is unattractive.

This leads me to my next point, price – they’re not cheap, you’re paying for the name and the unique style, but again this makes you aware you own more than just a cheap £250 pc which in turn helps you psychologically when it comes to your creative environment.

User-friendly – the main reason I love my Mac is it’s usability. Of course PC’s can do everything a mac can do technically, but not as easily or reliably as a Mac; everything just falls in to place with an Apple which leaves you to get on and do your job. PC’s are much more technical and in turn are harder to live with, not to mention harder to keep protected.

Macs are ideal for designers because they’re pretty, expensive and simple; it’s not just a computer sitting on a desk, it’s a piece of art in it’s own right. It may be expensive but what decent art is cheap? And when is good art ever simple?