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What to Ask Your Web Design Agency if You Want Online Success

Running a small business often requires the owner to wear several different hats in order to understand what’s needed to survive, grow and make a profit.

From lightweight berets to heavy sombreros, sometimes the weight of such metaphorical headgear can prove to be a right pain in the neck. Marketing, finances and quality control will all be part of the mix and if you’re in charge then it’s up to you to ensure each of these areas is given the proper amount of care and attention.

Delegation can be key to running a successful small business

Delegating tasks is an ideal means of alleviating some of the stress as well as getting the most from your workforce and is often considered to be a highly considered managerial skill within itself. One action that most small businesses have found integral to making money is going online.

Customer feedback, targeted advertising and sales promotions are all possible at a fraction of the offline costs, as well as providing a much more in-depth analysis in terms of results. Although some small business owners may not totally understand how every website widget or CTA (call to action) button works they do know just how important it is to succeed online.

Why it pays to invest in a local web design company

Employing the services of a website design agency, such as Birmingham-based TKStarley, allows a small business boss to delegate one of the key tools of their trade in order to deploy strengths elsewhere.

Taking an active interest in your website is only natural and although sometimes it can hurt to pass on your digital baby to an outside source it certainly pays when you see the end results.

In order to ensure your website design agency are working with your company’s best interests at heart we’ve come up with ten questions that they really should be able to answer.

As much as we’d love to understand every aspect of our business sometimes it’s simply not possible. Delegating the technical, functional and the design side of your website to a professional team is certainly the most sensible and efficient route to success.

So, if your head’s hurting from having to wear too many hats, get in touch with your local web design agency and let them take at least one of those extra heavy sombreros.

Awesome questions to ask your website design company

Is my site responsive?

Between laptops, tablets and smartphones, there are so many ways that modern day customers are able to view, compare and buy products that often it’s all that you can do to keep up. By ensuring your agency has equipped your website with the best in responsive design you’ll at least know that your business will be able to offer the best possible experience no matter how your key audience wishes to visit your site.

Has my website been designed to convert sales?

Increasing sales is exactly what every page of your site should be designed to achieve. Relevant content, obvious call to action buttons and easy to navigate ecommerce tools will all help to turn passing trade into a registered sale. Building a website to convert a sale is an essential ingredient in any successful online business and your web design agency should definitely be on top of this.

How does my website build trust with my customers?

Even these days, some people have an innate fear of shopping online. It’s up to your website design agency to alleviate this anxiety by building a level of trust. Having an industry-recognised symbol or several satisfied customer comments certainly helps to give consumers confidence in your business. It’s essential that whoever is in charge of your website recognises the importance of developing a brand that instils trust.

Is my website socially active?

Although you might not feel ‘down with the kids’ in terms of modern media, it definitely doesn’t hurt to employ someone who is. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, provide a two-way channel of communication between you and your customers. Feedback, promotions and relevant information can all help to develop your brand as well as enforcing trust as you develop new and existing relationships.

How are we faring against the local competition?

When searching online, customers will often use local terms in order to find a business that they trust. If your web design agency knows its salt then your site will be optimised for search engines with regards to your specific location as well as having a keen grasp on the competition operating in your area. Although being on the web means that you can operate within a global playing field, it’s often just around the corner that the biggest threat to your business is still to be found.

Does the content that we use benefit our visitors?

Content comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from video demonstrations and infographics to blog posts and product descriptions. The most important reason for having content is two-fold: to appeal to search engines and to benefit your target audience. First and foremost your website’s content needs to focus more on the reader and less on the business in order to engage and build confidence.

*What’s the overall feedback with regards to user experience? *

It doesn’t matter whether your site can sing, dance or perform a loop the loop, if your visitors don’t have a positive experience then it’s not doing its job. Every good design agency understands UX (user experience) and why gaining actual customer feedback is vital for providing a quality service. Be aware: vanity projects that only take into account the wishes of the few often reject the wishes of the many.

How can we engage further with our customers?

Good question! Putting in the time and the energy associated with building a customer database is exactly what your website design agency needs to be considering at every stage of the process. Although you don’t want to bombard customers you do want to engage with them, which is why monitoring feedback and finding out what makes them tick is essential for maintaining and developing a healthy relationship.

What can I do to help develop our business online?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, YOU should be the best person to ask when it comes to understanding what makes your business work. If your website agency isn’t asking for your advice or they seem a little aloof when it comes to ‘checking in’ then it’s time to get proactive and tell them that you’re here to help. Networking, correspondence and offline strategies can all help to develop your business online and if you’re not being asked or asking the right questions then now is the time for action.

*More about the author: Chris Owen is a freelance copywriter specialising in digital marketing and creative content. *