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The 2015 TKStarley Bake Off Finale

Here at TKStarley we are big fans of the Great British Bake Off (who isn’t, really?). We love the show so much we have been having our very own Bake Off sessions with the likes of Ria’s chocolate and orange cookies, Lucy’s yummy chocolate and lime cheesecake and Kevin’s scrumptious rowies.

We thought we would go all out for the finale and all bring in bake off treats to celebrate another great series of the BBC show. Everyone was keeping their baking ideas close to their chests before the day and running to the supermarket to get all their ingredients ready.

After a long evening of baking for all the TKStarley team we had a great feast of delicious food on TKS Bake Off day.

We celebrated National Chocolate Week with Sukhjit’s gooey chocolate brownies.

Alex carried on the National Chocolate Week theme with his delicious chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were great as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea.

Lucy went all out and made these beautiful apple roses after watching a cooking with Manuela tutorial.

Tom’s giant game pie made with homemade watercress pastry tasted perfect with mustard and we can still smell it through the office now.

The cinnamony, apple and blackberry pie baked by Kevin was an office favourite and enjoyed with either single or double cream (we had both!).

Finally, Ria joined Tom on the savoury side of the TKS Bake Off with two types of pastry parcels. The first was scrumptious and filled with ham, cheese and tomato, while the second lot were filled with chicken, red onion and pesto.

All the TKS team were extremely full after our great feast and we certainly have enough office snacks for the rest of the week. Check us out on Twitter to see more pictures from the day.

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