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Three conclusive UX case studies

There's an absolutely fantastic blog post published on which explains the benefits of UX reviews and how they can increase your revenue by over 100%. It's written by Helena, follow her here, and discusses the reasons why UX case studies can improve ROI.

Check out a few more key details from the article as noted below:

Over the past few years UX design has played a huge part in developing successful apps and websites with more and more companies dedicating their finances to user experience in order to keep ahead of the competition, increase their satisfied customers and increase their bottom line.

This article and corresponding infographic goes on to explain that for each US dollar put into UX the average return is a 100% increase i.e. one hundred bucks. This would appear to sing pretty sweetly for anyone interested in UX case studies however, on average, companies are still only assigning just over 10% of their budgets to UX design related projects. Go figure?!

If you need further proof of the benefits of investing in user experience the following UX case studies write ups for: Schuh, Dulux and Javafly, will help to explain more.

UX case studies - Schuh

As part of an online store initiative, Schuh knew that they needed to design a customer experience that was akin to what someone would wish to expect in a high street equivalent i.e. intelligent, helpful, friendly and practical assistance as well as a shop door that was always open.

In this instance, Schuh conducted two sessions of mobile device tests with Whatusersdo. It's no secret that smartphones are the number one choice for a huge percentage of online shoppers and after analysis the company was able to accurately display where conversion issues were occurring and reasons why, including: navigation, the speed of Schuh's website and the natural spontaneity of the store checker app.

Thanks to the testing sessions Schuh were immediately able to pinpoint key conversion problems and rectify them within a short space of time. The online shopping experience then became much more spontaneous and efficient for customers and increased sales for Schuh at the same time. This sort of intuitive design improvements helped create more chances for potential customers to convert which was something Schuh cited as a key feature of their online improvements as stated by Schuh's online Development Manager Stuart Findlay:

“A quick, easy & cost-effective way to get immediate, quality feedback on problems your customers are facing today. On the back of the feedback we received regarding the difficulties faced in stock reservation, we made the reservation services more obvious which resulted in an increase in conversions.”

Find out more about Schuh's UX case studies here.

UX case studies – Dulux

One of the most popular, and important, questions asked of a paint company is whether the colour on the side of the tin will look exactly the same as when it's on the walls.

Customer confidence in the answer given to the above question is everything for a firm like Dulux. That's why they created an app, with the help of Webcredible, to ensure painters knew what they'd be getting so as to increase confidence in their product and, in so doing, increase conversion rates.

Employing a user focused approach to creating the app, named the awesome sounding 'Visualiser', Webcredible came up with a solution to the question as well as a really simple to use application.

Right from the start of the app making process, figures showed that this new piece of kit was going to be a real winner for Dulux and was a sure fire marketing strategy to really go for.

All the way through to the final stages of the app creation Web UX results proved that customers were really happy with what they're were being offered both in terms of the app and the paint. Which all added up to a boost for consumer confidence and the following vital statistics:

Over five million app downloads
A 65% increase in sales of testers
Over 90% more searches for Dulux stockists
And a near 250% increase in purchases

Dulux's Global Head of Digital Ops, Stewart Longhurst, was obviously overjoyed with the results and went on to say: “We invited Webcredible to work with us on an ongoing basis to ensure that UX was designed in from the start. Their enthusiastic input has produced some great results.”

Read more about the Dulux UX case studies here or discover the app for yourself by visiting iTunes.

UX case studies – Javafly

Javafly wanted to increase conversion rates and usability as well as ensuring a positive perception of their brand on their e-commerce website was coming through loud and clear.

In order to do this they contacted UX agency Gobsavvy who were more than happy to help. For starters, the UX company undertook a complete user experience review of the Javafy website to find out areas of improvement and how they could alienate any problem issues, such as high bounce rates. They also visited Javafly and found out more about them as a company, a brand and where the business was going in terms of goals and mission.

Gobsavvy's audit quickly highlighted areas that needed improvement as well as offering a list of issues and which needed to be addressed first and the most effective methods to achieve the best results.

Results speak for themselves and if you're wondering how useful a UX audit can be then check out the Javafly stats below or, better yet, check out our UX audit packages, right now.

Over 20% growth in conversions and over 110% growth in revenue
Around 75% advance in transaction figures
An increase of over 21% in the average value of purchases
Far fewer clicks to purchase a product online
A far more positive customer perception of usability.

Don't take our word for it! Here's what Javafly's Marketing head honcho, Mike Baron, had to say about the importance of a UX audit: “GobySavvy’s user experience review lifted our conversion rates to a point where we were comfortable to focus heavily on SEO and marketing.”

Read the full case study here.

So there we have it. Three conclusive UX case studies and plenty more reading material if you're feeling at a loose end over the weekend. Thanks to Helena at for compiling these UX case studies in the first place, much appreciated Helena.

Placing UX at the forefront of your business, services and product purchasing processes is key to achieving success and increasing conversion rates and revenue. If you're looking to find out more or kick start your company's very own UX campaign then right here is where you can team up with us and schedule a UX audit today that could well turn things around tomorrow.