Written by ria


The Key to Ecommerce Success

Having come from a retail background via the exciting world of ecommerce (not to mention my own passion for purchasing), I like to think I know a thing or two about online shopping. Whilst it’s true that an internet presence isn’t necessarily for everyone, many stores will thrive when they open their business up to the extended market of the world wide web. UK consumers spend an average of £1083 online – more than any other country – and if they’re not tempted to shop with your store, they’re probably going to go elsewhere. Need a bit of visual stimulation? Take a look at these persuasive figures (or click here to view this infographic in full):ecommerce infographic blog The Key to Ecommerce SuccessSo what’s the key to successful ecommerce website design?* Customers.* This might seem obvious – after all, you need customers to make money – but it’s surprising how many people forget about them when developing an online shop. The best ecommerce sites make shopping not only easy, but enjoyable; anything limiting a great user experience represents a loss in potential revenue for your company. However, it’s incredibly easy to get around this, simply by thinking like a customer during the design and development stages.

Most of us (over 80% of internet users) have some experience of online shopping – if not, we’re sure to know someone who has. It’s essential that website designers and developers consider their own forays into ecommerce when putting together a new online shop. Remembering what they’ve liked, and conversely, what’s frustrated them about previous online purchases will help them develop a site which is easy to navigate and use; asking colleagues, friends and family for their opinion is invaluable too. This is also great for ecommerce website redesigns – getting to grips with the pros and cons of a company’s present online offering provides the perfect starting point for an overhaul. Keeping aspects that work and finding ways to improve barriers currently limiting conversions is a sure fire way to persuade both new and returning customers to spend.

Using the simple technique of thinking like a customer, it is possible to develop an ecommerce website which is a delight to use. Maintaining an* ‘user-centric’* approach also means that customers used to the previous incarnation of a redesigned site will not be alienated, as they will find the new interface as intuitive as first-time visitors.

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