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10% Off for Small Business Saturday

What's this - a Smoof blog post on the weekend?! Well folks, this isn't just any weekend (nor is it a Marks and Spencers weekend) - it's Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is (in the words of the organisers) a grass-roots campaign which exists to support, promote and inspire small businesses, on the first Saturday in December, and beyond.

As a small business, we know what it's like for other small businesses to get themselves off the ground. That's why we're offering a pretty awesome deal to new and emerging companies to celebrate this glorious day:

If you're a startup looking for help with your design, development, marketing or business in general, we can be the missing piece to your puzzle! We're offering 10% off our rates for all new clients in December 2015.

Interested? To take advantage of this offer, just send us an email mentioning Small Business Saturday before 31st December 2015, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

We look forward to hearing from you!