Sukhjit Hayer

Written by Sukhjit Hayer

Sukhjit is full of ideas of how brands can raise their online profile in all manner of ingenious and creative ways. "Strangers are just customers you haven’t converted yet"

Meet Our New Content and Marketing Assistant

Hi everyone! I’m Sukhjit, the new Content and Marketing Assistant here at TKStarley. I am throughly enjoying my time in the role and with the TKStarley team that I’ve decided to tell you all about it.

I’ve had a range of experiences in marketing, but with the end of my masters degree coming to an end I was looking for a more long term role in marketing. I was lucky even to come across the content and marketing assistant role through Graduate Advantage. Graduate Advantage are a great organisation which locally source paid internships for graduates in SMEs in the West Midlands across a number of sectors. I was automatically drawn to the role because of all the previous work TKStarley had done and their exciting in-house app Emble.

After a very pleasant recruitment process, my first day was drawing closer and the new job nerves were setting in. The week before I started I did luckily get the opportunity to spend some time with the TKStarley team while we took some group photos for the new website, beside the nearby canal. It was great to start to get to know the team outside the office and before I officially started my role.

Finally my first day had arrived, I’m not sure if I was excited or nervous a mixture of both maybe exvous or nervited? I got into the office and was very much welcomed by all the team which made me feel like less as an outsider more as a proper member of TKStarley. I learnt a lot on that day and I mean a lot! It was mostly about TKStarley’s internal processes, they seemed so organised and I nerdly enjoyed it. I also learnt how much TKStarley loved tea, I know it was mentioned on the website but I didn’t realise it would really be this much. The rest of the week I got to learn more about TKStarley’s clients, they are all so different and some very niche, and started to actually get involved in their accounts and working on their content.

Since then I’ve been given more and more responsibility and have enjoyed working on a range of accounts, getting to know the team, the Bake off treats and the many playlist debates. I look forward to our TKStarley team Bake Off lunch, not being the newbie as our new developer starts soon, getting to know the team more and developing great, engaging content!

Thank you all for reading and hopefully you will hear from me again soon! In the meantime, check out the services we offer, and if you feel like the TKStarley team could help you in anyway please get in touch we are more than happy to have a cuppa and chat about it.