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Marketing a Small Business in Leamington Spa

If you’re a small business in Leamington Spa, how you communicate defines your brand, your products and your services. Sometimes, without you even realising it.

Marketing your business can often come down to cost and if you’re wondering where your money will be spent the most wisely then this article is certainly worth taking note of.

Below are three key areas which small companies in Leamington Spa need to pay attention to. And if you’re unsure as to whether you should be investing offline, online or a combination of both, then read on for a few handy snippets.

How to market your business offline in Leamington Spa

Networking is an excellent way for small businesses to market themselves offline

There are numerous small business networking events in Leamington Spa that are well worth getting up early for. Leamington Business Network and Business Biscotti, for example, both provide a great way for local business owners to meet up over breakfast in order to share skills, advice and blueberry bagels. Aside from organised networking, Leamington is also a haven for casual conversations over a beer or two with the Drawing Board (formerly the Regency Arms) and the Star & Garter just two of numerous creative haunts that never fail to inspire a spot of socialising.

Workshops and trade events allow small business owners to keep up-to-date with modern methods of marketing

From social platforms and digital media to financial analysis and crime prevention, if you’re looking for small business advice in Leamington Spa then there’s a wealth of workshops aching for your attendance. As you can imagine there are also a lot of marketing events which are held in or around Warwick University with the excellent annual Warwick Marketing Conference always providing more than a few pearls of wisdom for local small business owners and students alike.

Offline advertising is still relevant to small businesses in Leamington Spa

With more than its fair share of visitors, Leamington Spa has some very attractive advertising space both at street level and within the local media. Thanks to business-led collaboratives, such as BID Leamington, visitors are being encouraged to come, stay and return to the town with several community events making for the perfect opportunity to advertise to an already engaged audience. With plenty of info leaflets to help visitors find their way around, small businesses in Leamington Spa are spoiled for choice when it comes to offline marketing potential.

How to market your business online

Every small business needs to invest in web design

One of the best ways to market your small business in Leamington Spa is to invest your time and energy into your online campaign. Local web design agencies, such as TKStarley, offer an affordable and exciting range of website design packages to boost your brand, your SEO and your standing within Warwickshire. Which has to be good no matter what business you’re in. Every small business needs a website and if you’re unsure as to where to spend your marketing budget then don’t think twice about upping your online strategy.

Small business owners need to commit to their online presence

All small businesses need to be seen by their key audience which is why it pays to research different ways of communicating as widely as possible. There are so many windows where loyal and potential customers can view your products and services online. This is why ensuring your website is designed to dynamically respond to a variety of platforms is essential for boosting your online presence. One of the key factors to being a small business in Warwickshire is the good publicity that’s generated by the area which is why this needs to be communicated via your website, social media pages and online advertising campaigns.

Local place name targeting works wonders for SEO

It’s only natural for people to tap in a local term, name or phrase into a search engine when looking for an outlet or venue near to where they live. This is another reason why it pays to let a professional website design agency handle your online marketing campaign in order to capitalise on targeted local searches for SEO. If you’re able to link your company’s brand and identity with some of Leamington Spa’s key searched for locations then this is a sure-fire way of allowing that feel good factor to rub off on your small business.

Your brand identity speaks volumes about what you want to achieve

Associating your small business with the brand values of Leamington Spa is a lot easier than you might think. Warwickshire is already recognised as one of the UK’s most creative hubs. Warwick University, Codemasters software company and a whole host of digital marketing and website design agencies have all helped to make this pocket of the West Midlands what is is today. Leamington itself provides a unique mix of old and new, traditional and quirky, with an abundance of chances to enforce your small business’ online brand identity through creative SEO.

How to market your business to Leamington locals

Marketing your small business to the residents of Leamington Spa

The cafés, pubs and restaurants of Leamington all provide a safe haven for locals to rest and relax away from the tourist hordes. Marketing your small business to permanent residents can be as conventional or as contemporary as you prefer with all manner of community-led literature and notice boards providing ample space for advertising. Local events, such as the Lantern Parade, the Food & Drink Festival and Blooming Leamington make for superb opportunities to market your small business to local people. Top tip: signing up to social scene sites, such as Love Leam, helps you to keep your finger on the social and business pulse.

Why small business owners should love their Leamington neighbours

The location of Leamington Spa makes it ideal for communicating your small business to a wider sphere of influence. The likes of Coventry, Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon all provide ample opportunities to appeal to a larger local audience. Also, the cities, villages and towns surrounding Leamington are an ideal stamping ground from where to source not only customers but staff and business contacts too. Finally, there are numerous networking events and trade fairs in and around Warwickshire which provide untold chances to get in touch with the right people.

Silicone Spa students make an ideal audience for your small business

Although sometimes just a temporary blip on the grand scheme of things, the students of Warwick and Coventry universities, as well as Warwickshire College, still play a vital role in the local economy. Leamington Spa’s propensity to pubs, around 50 at last count, provides ample excuses for a jovial crawl around town and although this might not be to everyone’s liking, it certainly throws up a few opportunities for small businesses hoping to target a more youthful consumer. On campus, within the cafés and throughout the choice of shops and take away outlets, students are ripe for advertising which has to be good news for savvy minded small business owners.

Final summary of how to market your small business in Leamington Spa

Marketing your small business in Leamington Spa is essentially all about knowing your audience and investing time and money in the places where they’re most likely to be.

By spending your marketing budget between online website enhancement and offline local opportunities you’ll make a real difference in terms of communicating to the right people.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any more advice from web design experts, and Leamington locals, TKStarley.

More about the author: Chris Owen is a freelance copywriter specialising in digital marketing and creative content.