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Kick start your blog & content strategy

Hey, writing a blog should be a walk in the park, right?

I'd completely agree as long as that walk inspires your audience to share the experience and gain confidence in you, alongside increasing understanding of what you're about.

Just in the same way UX allows an audience to recognise what you're setting out to achieve, blog & content strategy should also communicate the right message to the right people.

Of course, firstly you too need to understand your vision; you need to know who your audience are and what's going to rock their world and inspire them to spread the good vibrations.

Following a Goal & Vision guide, such as the one I've set out below, lets you know where you're going without wasting time on getting lost and, let's face it, wasting hard-earned cash in the process.

Formulating your own content strategy for blog posts, or for any other form of content, starts with an awesome template and as an example I've delved into the pages of Content Machine, written by Dan Norris, for this great blog/content strategy template.

Alongside Dan's template I also want to be clear as to what I'm intending to achieve from my content and blog posts which is why I've come up with the Goal & Vision strategy below, just so we can all take a stress free walk in the park rather than worrying about falling into the duck pond.

Where we're going and why aka: Goal & Vision:

UX content strategy needs to start and end with simplicity which means dumping the jargon and focusing on practical UX assistance that's clear, concise and aimed at empathy as well as improving revenue. Strategy for content also has to positively develop standing in the UX community by providing an authoritative voice that not only inspires confidence but also creates a want to share, in addition to increasing email conscriptions and enforcing recognition of you and your services.

Your blog and your overall content strategy should also promote a 'warts n all' approach where your readers find out what to avoid and what not to do just as much as what may or may not work for them. A transparent approach rather than gilded glasses. Visualise your blog as an activator for your audience. Inspire them, develop trust and express your passion for UX and the content of your blog as part and parcel of your own path to self actualisation and enlightenment (sorry, too much?)

What makes us different?

We're unique because we cut the crap and empathise with entrepreneurs, experts and newbies alike by putting our content across in a way that's both friendly and highly useful – we set out to entertain as well as inform and in so doing we're going to inspire.

What style guide do we follow?

We're fun, bordering on humorous, but not just for the sake of it. We keep things simple and avoid acronyms and jargon at all costs. We're not overtly opinionated but we do convey empathy with our audience by providing content that's practical, useful, generous and reader-friendly, rather than just bragging or showing off.