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Inside the Mind of a Website Design Agency

There can be few more welcoming caverns to stroll around other than the mind of a website design agency, so if you’re interested in what lies within, read on (and don’t forget your torch)!

TKStarley operate a pretty open approach to the way they work, so are happy to provide the perfect chance for interested parties to follow a web design agency’s thought process. If you want your web project to flourish then right here is where the cogs start whirring.

A great web design agency always creates a collaborative brief

Creating a brief needs both parties, web design agency and client, to work together in order to produce a mission statement. TKStarley form a brief based upon how they perceive the project and then, through revising and responding to client wishes, they provide a proposal that explains the best way forward.

A professional web design agency will always keep clients informed and aim to provide a logical and straightforward path to success with a few alternative solutions to assist along the way. Once all concerned are happy with aims, proposals and timescales then it’s time to sign on the dotted line and commit to a contract and perhaps a cheeky relationship-building evening out.

Reviewing a website’s content is critical for next steps

It’s essential to check out a client’s current content to see what works and what doesn’t. This review stage of the web design process allows an agency to ascertain how effective a site is for both humans and search engines. Optimising for Google means that a client’s website will receive a positive response from the largest audience possible with organic and high quality content always at the forefront of plans.

Informative, enjoyable and leading to a conversion is always the best train of thought when it comes to online content. A full service web design agency will be able to create content which highlights customer benefits whilst including key searched for terms and phrases.

Web design helps to create brand awareness both on and offline

From wireframes and blueprints to Photoshop and colour schemes, enforcing positive brand recognition is vital for developing a business both on and offline. The modern-day thought process that leads a web design company to implementing ideas always takes a variety of marketing channels into consideration.

Once a user has reached the site a web agency’s designs need to present a fresh, inviting and understandable experience which should correspond with offline material and publications. It’s essential that a website’s designs point users in the direction of a call to action as naturally as possible whilst positively enforcing user benefits and trust levels.

Web development, testing and training is crucial for ongoing success

Although a site, at this stage of the process, may look all shiny and finished, there’s still a rigorous series of tests which need to be completed prior to launch. Checking out user experiences via several different browsers, platforms and devices is always the best way to iron out the creases and spray for bugs.

With the final payment made and all questions answered a professional web design agency will leave the door open for further assistance even after handing over the reigns to a website. Ongoing technical training allows clients to develop their own staff as well as continuing to enhance their website. Training sessions also encourage full control rather than keeping a client attached to an agency’s apron strings.

Are you ready to step into the mind of a web design agency, for real?

If you’d like to tiptoe over a web design agency’s temporal lobe, meander past their motor cortex or wander around an uncluttered wernicke’s area, get in touch with TKStarley to really get things ticking.

More about the author: Chris Owen is a freelance copywriter specialising in digital marketing and creative content.