Written by tkstarley


Increase Your Online Presence

To celebrate Easter we have put together a special package for you!

It isn’t just the Easter bunny who brings tasty things at Easter, let us help you increase your online presence . For the next month we will be offering a 10% discount on all web projects as well as 1 years free hosting, 1 years free domain,* 1 months free video support, *1 months free SEO and 1 months free Social Media management.

We can help you get noticed and get ahead. Attract new customers, deliver your message and generate more sales online. Can you afford not to?

If you are kind enough to refer us we will give you a further 15% off your next project.

TKStarley top tip:

“Videos are not only great for search engine optimisation (SEO) but allow you to affirm an emotional element of the business to your customers. Viewers also love to see video content, it creates an obvious call to action and therefore allows you to get across key messages quickly, increasing customer trust and engagement.”

Get Online. Get Found Fast.

Our Easter special package contains:

  • 1 years free hosting
  • 1 years free domain
  • 1 month free video support
  • 1 month free SEO
  • 1 month free Social Media management

Plus a 10% discount on your web project and free customer support!

Terms and conditions apply: This offer is subject to a minimum spend. Other offers apply for smaller projects. The size of the project is determined by the amount of work involved. 1 month free is subject to set levels of service and frequency. Please contact us for more information.