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How to Find Tech Events in Birmingham

From solar powered coffee shops in Solihull to the first ever app revolving around Queen (the band), it’s no wonder that Birmingham is seen as the shining jewel in the UK’s technology tiara.

Entrepreneurs, coders, gamers and web design agencies like TKStarley are integrated across the city. If you’re looking for a relevant tech event in Birmingham then read on!

Innovation Birmingham Campus provides an environment for tech entrepreneurs

Part of Birmingham Science Park, Innovation Birmingham has become synonymous with supporting and facilitating the creative and tech entrepreneurs of the future. Aside from giving upwards of 700 people space to develop and extend their ideas, Innovation Birmingham also hosts numeroustech events, including the legendaryTech Wednesday. It’s this sort of dedication to innovation that’s helped to turn Birmingham into one of the UK’s most forward-thinking cities.

Silicon Canal is Birmingham’s most widely used tech event directory

Boasting connections to numerous office spaces and tech start-ups, Silicone Canal is a directory designed to bring tech types together in Birmingham. On a mission to attract new talent and communicate with like-minded thinkers, Silcon Canal promotes events aimed at supporting those across the industry withalmost 50 monthly meetings already established. From open code groups and UX meetings to Drupal discussions and WordPress get togethers, if you’re looking for an event in your field then check the directory first as this is one waterway that’s heading in the right direction. publishes and promotes tech events in the city

Established in 2014, is an online community for Birmingham techies, who have recently launched a very handy calender of technology-related events in Birmingham. Workshops, visiting experts and one-on-one sessions are all advertised within the Google interactive calendar, with a handy online forum enabling all interested designers, coders, entrepreneurs and gamers to comment on what they’d like to see published and promoted in future editions. *Listen up: * also has its very ownSpotify playlist – how’s that for down with the kids!

Codebar Birmingham helps to organise workshops for programmers

Offering all manner of programming workshops related to HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and Ruby, Codebar Birmingham is fast becoming the go to collective for all things code-related. Always on the look out for new venues, guest speakers and volunteers, this organisation presents the essence of what living in one of Europe’s youngest cities is all about. Mentoring new students and sharing knowledge in a safe environment forms the bedrock to Codebar Birmingham’s ethos. If you’re into programming and want to attend a workshop then follow @codebarBrum on Twitter and get yourself in with the Brummy IT crowd.

Plus Minus is a consumer-facing tech event held in Birmingham

Birmingham recently played host to PlusMinus. This was significant for many reasons and not just because it brought together many of the UK’s most influential tech minds and innovative entrepreneurs. A total of 15 key speakers presented topics from across the consumer tech industry with household brand names rubbing shoulders with several startups aiming to pitch their ideas. PlusMinus will no doubt have resonated with consumer-facing technology experts across the whole of Europe. Follow them on Twitter (@plusm_nus) to keep up with developments for next year’s event.

With the West Midlands employing close to 50,000 members of the UK’s technology industry it’s no surprise that web design agencies such asTKStarley are choosing to set up base in Birmingham.

The collective gathering of minds that have chosen to make the second largest city in England their home is starting to resonate around the globe. If you’re looking to jump onboard the rocket ship, keep your eyes peeled for a tech event near you – who knows what the future may hold!

More about the author: Chris Owen is a freelance copywriter specialising in digital marketing and creative content.