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How an Agency Retainer Can Help Your Business

Let’s face it: anyone who’s in business wants to make money, and the next best thing to making money is saving it.

Getting more bang for your buck can be just as important as earning a wage which is why it’s wise to put your money where it will work under the most efficient means possible.

Paying a retainer is one such means of saving cash. And no matter whether you’re employing the services of a lawyer or a digital web design agency, such as TKStarley, a consensual agreement allows you to keep a check on your budget without things getting out of hand.

Reduced rates, fewer employees and a saving on marketing budget all adds up to lower expenditure; and if you’re looking for hassle free and cost effective assistance with your business then an agency retainer is certainly the way to go.

Below are a few more reasons how an agency retainer can help your bottom line and if you’re in business to make money then right here is where you start to see your savings stack up.

Retainer agreements often offer discounted fees

As agencies are always on the lookout for juicy long-term projects, there’s every chance that a client can command a lower rate. Discounted fees are common place within retainers as both parties benefit from the security and the financial aspects of the agreement. This presents a business with a much more preferable payment scheme as opposed to having to fork out higher rates for shorter term or freelance alternatives.

Everyone knows where they stand with a retainer

When a retainer is designed it states how much, how long and what is to be implemented to the satisfaction of both the agency and the client. This is a great way for businesses to know what they’re going to get for their money and puts a cap in place to ensure projects don’t run over budget. On the flip side, agencies are also happy with the agreement as the need to request and possibly chase future payments is taken out of the equation therefore promoting a healthy and harmonious working relationship – ta da!

Retainers offer a hassle free option when it comes to managing accounts

The chance to pay a preordained amount on either a weekly or monthly basis allows clients to simplify their accounts as they only pay a set rate until the retainer agreement has run its course. This sort of hassle free accounting frees up spare time and resources that can then be applied to other areas of the business or for taking a well-earned break on the Cornish coast.

Paying an agency a retainer makes your business a number one priority

If you’re concerned about working with an agency as you think they may have other clients’ interests closer to their heart then a retainer can alleviate these fears in an instant. Your work will always be a priority as you’ve not only paid a percentage up front but you’ve also got deadlines and targets set firmly in place. Feeling that your business is in safe hands as well as knowing when a project is due to be completed can give you a real sense of control and is another important part of why retainers really work.

An agency retainer allows you to work with a team of professionals

If you’re intending to employ the services of a web design agency, like TKStarley, you’ll have access to a team of experts without having to pay the overheads. SEO, graphic design, branding, content, you name it and your retainer is going to include it. Having a team on your side definitely makes financial sense and if you consider just how many extra costs would be needed to get this same level of commitment, then it’s easy to see why an agency retainer is a sure-fire way to success.

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*More about the author: Chris Owen is a freelance copywriter specialising in digital marketing and creative content. *