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Christmas Adverts Review 2015

The launch of Christmas adverts is becoming a huge event, getting us all in the festive spirit. We’ve recently talked about holiday marketing and how to promote your brand during the Christmas season. In this blog, Smoof will give a roundup of all the best Christmas ads. Will Sainsbury’s steal John Lewis’ Christmas advertising crown or will a different ad take centre stage this Christmas? Let the battle commence!

ALDI - #ALDIFavouriteThings

ALDI have gone with a traditional approach to their Christmas ad. My Favourite Things from the Sound of Music is played with scenes throughout of everyone’s favourite Christmas things from ALDI. The ad highlights Christmas food at ALDI and is very festive but nothing extra special when it comes to Christmas advertising.

Argos - #JustCantWait

A snow-based Christmas ad, yay! Probably the best thing about this ad is the snow environment because we get the typical Fast Track, same day delivery message we have been getting from the majority of Argos ads recently. The ad is short and shows products falling down ski slopes as we rush to get all our presents. Everything getting in place near the end of the ad, for the big day did seem like a typical family household, and reminded you of the many products available at Argos.

ASDA - #becauseitschristmas

The Christmas ad by ASDA is very upbeat, happy and shows snippets of things we all get up to during the festive period. It reminds you of all the fun things you should be doing and will turn any frown the right way round. The product placement is a little more subtle than other ads and you definitely feel in the mood for Christmas after seeing it. I think ASDA have gone for quite a different approach to other supermarkets this year and hopefully it pays off for them.

Boots - #DiscoverMore

I was very disappointed with the heavily product-focused ad Boots have put out this year. We all know what Boots sell but don’t we prefer a Christmas ad that tells a story? Their ad last year, #SpecialBecause was a real contender for the top spot with a family preparing gifts and gathering together as a nurse comes home from working on Christmas day. I feel this year Boots haven’t put in as much effort in and it really shows with #DiscoverMore.

Burberry - Celebrating 15 Years of Billy Elliot

Romeo Beckham is back, but this time with a host of other celebs including Julie Walters, Elton John, James Corden, Naomi Campbell, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The Burberry ad plays a tribute to the 15th year Anniversary of Billy Elliot on our screens by recreating the opening scene. The well known individuals are all dressed in their Burberry best (of course), including the famous Burberry trench and scarves. There is a lot of sparkle in this Christmas ad, but what else would we expect from luxury retailer Burberry?

Cadbury - Cadbury Christmas 2015

The ad is filled with the Cadbury purple, as Cadbury create a Cadvent calendar with Cadbury trucks. As the 24 trucks move across the country, we get a view of the Cadbury HQ before the trucks (doors) come together as an advent calendar. The ad highlights the anticipation we all feel in the run up to Christmas and reminds us all to get our advent calendars before the start of December.

Currys - Share the Act

Humour takes centre stage in Currys series of 7 Christmas ads. The shareable ads will get you laughing out loud and includes masterclasses from Jeff Goldblum on how to act when accepting a bad gift. The ads are relatable and we all could learn how to act when we receive an unexpected gift. I’m sure many people will be sharing the act and the ad series this Christmas.

Debenhams - ‘Found It’

The ad follows on from Debenhams’ 2014 campaign which featured children running around Debenhams stores looking for presents. This year the focus is finding the perfect gifts to give love ones. This advert highlights something we all want to do, and is overall super sweet.

John Lewis - Man on the Moon

Maybe the most anticipated Christmas ad of the year, with countless countdowns to the launch following on from 2014’s massively successful Monty the Penguin. Monty was phenomenal and it was always going to be hard for John Lewis to go above and beyond their history of heartwarming, magnificent Christmas ads. But they may have just done it with 2015’s Christmas ad Man on the Moon! The epic two minute tale shows how Lily, a young girl, befriends a lonely man on the moon. The ad contains a cover of Oasis’ Half A World Away by Aurora Aksnes and is partnered with Age UK. It has everything we would expect from John Lewis at Christmas and portrays Christmas values such as caring for others. The tear-jerking ad is sweet, caring and definitely popular with the Smoof team. The masterpiece continues with Age UK’s #NoOne appeal and the huge number of parodies which have been created since the launch. Man on the Moon highlights such a great cause and reminds everyone to show someone they’re loved this Christmas.

LIDL - The LIDL School of Christmas

The LIDL School of Christmas is for all the family and quite a funny ad. Family members take a number of different courses learning the art of Christmas such as how to bake a Christmas pudding, putting up Christmas lighting, make the perfect Christmas leftovers sandwich (don’t we all want to know) and how to react to bad presents. LIDL have put a different spin on the typical supermarket Christmas ads that are out there and done a great job! Their personality shines through whilst simultaneously highlighting their products and there is nothing more you could ask for in a great Christmas ad.

Lloyds Bank/Apple Pay - #loveyoutothestars

This ad is very cute. It features a little girl who wants to get her mother a gift for Christmas. She decides she wants to get her a star, and an elf and Apple Pay help it happen.

Marks and Spencer - #TheArtofChristmas

The Art of Christmas by Marks and Spencer focuses on the celebration aspect of Christmas. The ad has a party vibe is very stylish and features Mark Ronson’s popular Uptown Funk. Personally, I feel the ad is missing a story and this may be because it is particularly short. I very much enjoyed their efforts last year with Follow the Fairies as they spread Magic and Sparkle to all, but I doubt the heavy product-focused The Art of Christmas will have the same appeal to its viewers.

Morrisons - Make it a Magical Christmas at Morrisons

Ant and Dec do not make an appearance in this Morrisons ad, rather the piece puts emphasis on their staff and stores. The relatively short Christmas ad, at around 30 seconds long, shows a daughter gifting her mother with a Christmas cookie after some help from Morrisons staff. I think showing off their staff and featuring them in the ad is a great idea, but I think Morrisons could have highlighted the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, e.g. making the cookie etc, as the ad was very short and I did expect more to the story.

Sainsbury’s - Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Sainsbury’s and Judith Kerr have created a beautiful animation and just over three minutes of Christmas storytelling. This ad is definitely a strong contender in the battle for the best 2015 Christmas ad and beats Man on the Moon for many. The story starts in the early morning of Christmas day and Mog the cat is having a nightmare as a fire has broken out at the Thomas Household after a series of ‘oh dear’ moments. Mog comes to the rescue though and raises the alarm by ringing the fire service. When the fire is tackled it looks as if Christmas is surely cancelled for the Thomas family, but their neighbours are at hand to support them and create a great Christmas together. Christmas is for sharing and we are sure the Thomas Family and their friends had a Christmas to remember. Mog’s Christmas Calamity the book by Judith Kerr is available to buy from Sainsbury’s and supports child literacy with Save The Children.

Sky Movies - Sky Movies Christmas Advert 2015

The ad features a little girl who doesn’t want to eat her brussel sprouts at her Christmas dinner. She finds herself stepping into the adventure, defeating enemies from Cinderella, Night At The Museum 3, Big Hero 6 and Avengers: Age of Ultron and luckily getting rid of all of her sprouts. The ad showcases all the movies we can watch as a family over the festive period and is overall magical.

Tesco - Tesco Christmas Advert Series 2015

Tesco are running a series of Christmas ads this year with a family set up including Ruth Jones. Tesco’s gluten-free Christmas emergency was unfortunately not funny. The family went around a Tesco store looking for gluten-free products, perhaps a situation many of us will find ourselves in this year? Overall it is poorly executed and Tesco need to go back to the storyboard. Another ad from the series, Flirt, features Tesco Finest selection and shows the son being embarrassed by his mom when he is trying to impress a woman. A little more funny but still not great.

Waitrose - What Makes Your Christmas?

Waitrose have created a very traditional piece focused on showcasing a selection of their Christmas feast. The ad therefore is relatable to all, but I am unsure if it is memorable enough to battle against fellow grocers Sainsbury’s or LIDL and their Christmas advertising efforts.

You should absolutely be in the Christmas spirit now! We’ve had our say, now have yours! Tweet us, email us or get in touch and let us know which Christmas ad you like and why. In the meantime, if there is anything we can help with please don’t be shy say hi!