Written by tkstarley




Excuse the lack of updates recently. I’ve been rather busy with a multitude of interesting projects!  I’ll soon be launching 2 new websites – a portfolio site aimed totally at my fashion-inspired graphic design and a design agency website aimed at the extensive commercial side of my work which currently is hidden away on my hard drive!

Anyway enough of that! Here’s my latest design – as ever, I attempt to constantly evolve my style with every creation.  My goal is a collection of minimalistic fashion illustration inspired designs that will go to print. The key to these designs is not what to include but what not to. Every item has an aesthetic reason or value that is considered and placed, to enhance the style.

When using Photoshop, AI and the vast amount of brushes, textures and inspiration currently online, I find it very easy to switch between multiple styles when creating a single image. Less is more with this image and it’s a style I shall continue to evolve and hopefully perfect.

Click on the image to view the design in its entirety.