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Can You Write Compelling Content for Your Website?

Ever since the very first Google Panda update way back in early 2011, website owners have been getting their keyboards in a twist when it comes to writing content.

From blog posts and case studies to pages and portfolios; creating content that’s equally as engaging for humans as it is for search engines, has been deemed a key path to online success. However, if the last piece of work you remember writing started: ‘what I did during the holidays’, then how are you going to compile something for an online audience?

Compelling, engaging, authoritative, sticky and shareable – buzzwords, yes, but still totally relevant to the type of content that you need on your website.

You know all this, right? You know that you need good content and you know that it’s up to you to write it. But of course: there are so many other things to do that are far more important. The marketing plan, the budgetary forecast, all of those sales meetings, the washing up, pouring another bowl of Alpen etc. etc.

Hmm, if this clip from Family Guy springs to mind then perhaps it’s about time you stopped procrastinating and got writing because as Brian knows only too well, talk is cheap.

So, how do you do it?

Below are just a few pearls of wisdom to help you kick your writing career into action; if you’re looking for an affordable means of boosting your web presence then read on and get to it!

Recycle offline material for original online content

If you’ve got stacks of offline literature then it’s time to get recycling and put your previously penned prose to further use. The key to creating copy for your site is not to duplicate. Using material that’s never been placed online before is a great way to turn already written text into original online content. Trade press, leaflets, brochures, whatever is relevant and not online can be recycled, rewritten and presented as an original piece.

Collect and compile already written web content

Searching online for relevant content gives you an opportunity to collate what you’ve found and present it as an easy to read package for your audience. This is a great way to provide your readers with bags of information and engaging text without having to do too much of the graft yourself. Remember not to duplicate content just compile a list and point people in the right direction.

Ask your audience what they’d like to read online

Getting feedback from your customers and social subscribers is exactly the sort of avenue you need to explore when looking for compelling content. Asking what readers would like to see, whether they’d like to contribute and using already written feedback, is an ideal means of sourcing original work. This method never fails to hit the right spot when appealing to an online audience.

Interviews provide a great source of original content

Whatever services, products of information you want to promote on your website there’s always a key player who’s worth talking shop with. Interviews can be a great way to get unique content as well as offering your readers some practical words of advice. Over the phone, face to face or over email, however you wish to ask your questions there are numerous ways to ‘get your Parky on’.

Why not invite a guest to write for you?

If you can find an independent blogger who would be just as interested in getting a link from your site as you would be publishing their unique content, then this is a win win situation. Inviting a relevant, entertaining or authoritative figure to guest post on your blog is a wonderful way for both parties to benefit as well as providing your audience with engaging copy.

Case studies present ample ideas for unique text

Don’t worry too much about creating something from scratch. As long as you’re able to produce an original piece of work then it doesn’t really matter where it comes from. For example: using a different company as a case study. Ask yourself: What does this company do well? Why are they relevant to my business? How does this relate to my audience? Of course, switch a case study from a positive example to a negative and you’ve got another blog post practically on a plate.

Unleash your inner Mark Kermode

Just as company case studies provide plenty of content so does the chance to review a range of products and services. What you like or dislike presents an opportunity for your readers to learn more about you as a company even when you’re writing about something else. This is a great way to become an authoritative voice as well as helping to create valuable content for your site.

Why not talk about your own experiences?

If you’d prefer not to mention too many other brands or businesses on your site then why not talk about your own background, products and services? This really should be your chance to shine online. Also, if you’re able to share your experiences and how you overcame obstacles or started out on the road to success, you might well be surprised at just who you inspire along the way.

Blend business with pleasure

It’s not all work, work, work, that creates compelling content and if you’ve got a hobby or an interest that you could wax lyrical about for hours then why not get it down on the proverbial piece of paper? One of the best ways to get over writer’s block is to find something that you feel super comfortable with and if you can manage to subtly shoehorn in a few references to your business then all the better.

Get the KitKats out if you’re having trouble writing content for your site

Struggling for the right words? Stuck midway through a sentence? Then why not put that content aside for a while and take a break. Going for a walk, making some toast or just having a cheeky lie down can all help your mind rest and relax prior to returning to your prose when the time is right. There’s nothing that beats a change of scene to boost your creative juices and sometimes leaving an unfinished document overnight will enable you to finish it much quicker the next morning rather than continuing regardless into the night.

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*More about the author: Chris Owen is a freelance copywriter specialising in digital marketing and creative content. *