Written by tkstarley


Believe in Bidsketch

Being busy as a business is a nice position to be in. Maintaining a balance and continuing to keep the quality of every piece of work high is crucial. This is where tools like Bidsketch really brighten up your day!

We have been using Bidsketch for the last 6 months and it has not only improved the quality of our proposals but more than halved the time it takes to create them.

The tool is a delight to use with an extremely clean and simple interface that makes creating the perfect pitch a joy. Every proposal we create is still uniquely tailored to our clients requirements but the time it takes from getting out of the meeting room or off the phone, to the moment our client holds a detailed plan in their hands is dramatically shorter.

This means we can get stuck into what we do best, delivering their project. Clients are happy that their work is getting underway rapidly, which makes us happy!

Shortening the time from inception to delivery in what is already a fast paced environment has brought tremendous benefits to our business. Whatever the service is you provide, if you are not already using Bidsketch to help you draft client proposals, we strongly recommend you give it a try.